How we work

We are here to support you

Our role is not to do everything for you, but to support you as much as you need us to.  Helping you to maintain independence and your skills is beneficial for your mental well being and physical health.  We want to enable and empower you, not disable you...

We won't rush you.  We insist on enough time to help you with everything you need, without hurrying, not cutting corners or ignoring a need.  Equally we won't hang it out to charge an extra buck, you will get the time you need, no more no less

Person-Centred Care

What you want, how you wish to live your life, is one of the most important things that will guide how we work with you, however, keeping you safe also has to be a top priority.  We will do our best to tailor our care plan to meet your needs, taking into account your wishes, and support you to live your life as you choose


We will provide a package of documentation; this will include daily notes to record what we have done with our time, to enable us to safely administer medication and, where necessary, monitor nutrition and fluid intake.  Additional records can be tailored to your support needs as required